Desert Wreck Radio

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Desert Wreck Radio

Stoner Rock Radio Station

“a fuzz trip to the desert and beyond”

24/7 Streaming of Pure Doom / Psych / Desert & Stoner rock

Desert Wreck Radio was started after 420 Train Wreck stopped broadcasting. The last 72 hours of broadcast is here, immortalized. I listened to 420 Train Wreck most days and started DWR to carry on the flame. 420 Train Wreck lives on in Desert Wreck Radio. They embodied a way to be the coolest and most punk rock station, while being the most psychedelic and heavy.

420 Train Wreck will always and forever be number one.

All the latest music news, tour schedules and new releases.

We try to implement far-reaching content delivery within the worldwide network and tirelessly work to improve accessibility to uninterrupted Fuzzy Stoner Rock. If you are struggling to get a consistent stream, or you cannot listen for reasons we could fix through a cashed delivery or some other fancy intuitive idea. Seriously, even if you live on a mountain in Mongolia. Let us know and we’ll work it out. There’s nothing like a good challenge.

Desert Wreck Radio is proud to be using the latest open source software and quality freeware.

Please try one of the providers here first if you are having problems. And mail us if the issue persists.

    Support or hate mail message us here