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Desert Wreck Radio formed at the end of 2018 and was present for over a year before having to cease transmission due to the host at the time, live365, upping prices and the pandemic hitting. Finance needed to be consolidated and DWR was the first cull.

Onto 2022 and with many requests coming in via Twitter and Facebook, asking as to when Desert Wreck Radio was to broadcast once more so I took the plunge and built the website. It’s now in its 7th edition already. After a lot of false starts due to the disdain for WordPress, and nothing else in the web building department quite feeling right, in Feb 2022 Desert Wreck Radio started its stream once more.

Desert Wreck Radio is made with passion by me. I’m an audio engineer and tour manager out in California and I have been unbelievably lucky to have worked with some of the voices and musicians from my youth out here in Cali as well as those U.S bands coming to the EU, especially within the desert / stoner circle. After 25 years working in stoner / Metal, pop, mainstream rock, reggae and with corporate management companies, I’ve currently made the decision to only work in the stoner / desert circles where a punk rock D.I.Y ethos is still the way to live. I’ve found working like this gives me happiness, and the people in this scene work harder and are more professional than any egos, managers or self important suits I’ve worked with at say, Red Light Management (or any corporate management companies) for example, where pretending to be Mr or Mrs Billy Big Balls seems more important than the music.


I will continue to contribute the best I can to the scene with this station, with tour managing and with mixing live sound in the way I love to hear music.

I am also bass player and vocalist and song writer of, at the moment, dormant U.K / U.S based stoner weirdos Harlot Church. When I moved to the U.S.A from the U.K I brought my songs, the name and an imminent E.P with me, which is in the final throws of mixing. Unfortunately I personally haven’t met one musician for whom I’d like to share this with for a possible project (project, I hate that word, I’m a common fucker me, so excuse the twaty use of the word ‘project’) band, in the future. Los Angeles, away from my working environment is baron of music first, non egotistical, guitarists and drummers. If you read this and are a cool person, if you like, Greenleaf, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Astroqueen, Melvins & Graveyard and like to throw a bit of punk rock around then please get in touch before it’s too late. My rustiness will be shaken off 30mins into the first rehearsal with the eagerness I have to play once more.

I am due to finish and release the self titled E.P Harlot Church / Harlot Church sometime in 2022. But as yet, release it to who?!

Cheers and welcome to Desert Wreck Radio

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