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Stoner Rock, Heavy Psych, Desert Rock & Doom radio station streaming 24/7 for all your low tones, psychedelic grooves and fuzzy mammoth riffs. News, reviews, recording techniques and gig listings.

From Los Angeles, California.

“a fuzz trip to the desert & beyond…”

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Way too much reading right?… But here’s a bit about how DWR thinks…

Desert Wreck Radio is proud to be a passion project, use open source software, and bounce a revolving doors of free trials to keep personal costs to a minimum. It’s completely non-profit, and if there’s an ad, it’s because there’s some hoops to jump through for some free software. The sole goal is the bands and the music I want to promote. No content here is claimed by Desert Wreck Radio, everything is owned by the rights holders, this station would not be streaming, nor would this website be operational if not for them and their blessings. It’s believed here that anyone who writes about bands then claims they own content and doesn’t allow it to be shared, especially copying a press release, and is high for commercial gain, notoriety and social status have completely missed the point. You are free to use the Desert Wreck Radio RSS feed for your website or use and re-post any content here (if you could post a URL followed link to me from your app or website, or any back link, I’d be very grateful) because it will only benefit and further promote the labels and the bands – the reason we are all here!-

There are no ads between songs, no DJ’s, no egos, no exclusives & no specials. There is every now and again some dead air, that is because we upload whole albums and sometimes the obscure tenth track is 5 mins of silence, and if that’s the way its meant to be heard, who am I to disregard that track, Its part of the psychedelic vibe!

Desert Wreck Radio is utterly time consuming with the sole goal to utterly improve it. This passion is all worth while when daily a small exchange of appreciation between fans, blog writers, YouTube content sharers, pod-casters, artists, musicians and bands is observed. As an outsider & reclusive, Desert Wreck Radio is truly a one man operation, does not affiliate with any other web based project in the scene, isn’t on any influencing committee, doesn’t rate who gets to be heard or not, doesn’t chose who gets the press release article or not, promises never to be part of a of a club in which the bigger production, more money, better PR or label status is a dominating factor on winning or losing in the quest for true art. Over here the very personal art of the individual will never be rated with 5 stars and never be given points for popularity or technical ability. A lifetime of commitment and energy goes into creating music and the individuals who are infected should always be respected in the highest regard. If you consider yourself a sweet tambourine player or put together a musical ensemble around these lose genres – stoner rock, desert rock, psychedelic or space rock, 70’s rock, doom, prog-occult doom or any number of the sub genres associated with these – you are welcome here and welcome to send music and get added to the playlist. Respect. DWR

Way more content with live show calendar, ticket purchases right here without having to leave the site, new releases, news, and an archive to re-air old releases from the more obscure corners of the net.

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Coming soon our Stoner Search Engine with more than 500 websites indexed from band bio’s and detailed release meta data, through to podcasts, blogs and record labels.

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