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Must Have LP’s – Spirit Mother – Live In The Mojave Desert Volume 3 (Giant Rock Records)

Desert Wreck Radio May 13, 2022

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Spirit Mother – Spirit Mother – Live In The Mojave Desert Volume 3 (Giant Rock Records)

  1. Tonic (Exodus Inc.)
  2. Ether
  3. Go Getter
  4. My Head Is Sinking
  5. Martyrs
  6. Premonitions
  7. Dead Cells
  8. Black Sheep
  9. Space Cadets
  10. Heathens

Spirit Mother is a heavy-psych rock group with a sound described as “Jangly, heavy, and rhythmic, with violin ominous, out front, and present” by Cool-Tite Magazine.


Live Shows

With some of the best desert rock bands the scene offers, Ryan Jones (Desert Generator, Stoned & Dusted, Giant Rock Records, Artist Manager) took on this absolute monolithic task for one man to create, execute and deliver perfectly. After the Stoned & Dusted festivals I had no doubt this was going to be special, but how special nobody could have guessed. The recording, the atmosphere, the dramatic backdrop add to the music, beating any rigged up stage production. And by adding the liquid lights behind the performance, melting the rock, it was quite the acid trip flashback jaw drop. This is a once in a lifetime series of exceptional quality, this series will be talked about, listened to, and passed down from generation to generation.

Produced and created by Giant Rock Records. The series was recorded live and filmed in the natural amphitheater of California’s Mojave Desert backed by a visual performance from the Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show. Inspired by Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii 1972 concert documentary film, LITMD was originally released as livestream events for music fans stuck at home in the winter of 2021. The films received high praise from fans and music critics alike, and are now being released by Giant Rock Records, producers of the series. The series features Earthless, Nebula, Spirit Mother, Mountain Tamer and Stöner; a new project by former Kyuss members Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork. Each performance is available on vinyl LP, CD, Blu-Ray, and digital.

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Buy it! Live In The Mojave Desert






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