Psych Rockers Ruby The Hatchet Drop New Album ‘Fear Is a Cruel Master’

‘Fear Is a Cruel Master’ – Ruby The Hatchet

Magnetic Eye Records

With “Fear Is a Cruel Master”, RUBY THE HATCHET deliver exactly the brain-frying, catchy yet full of raw energy thriller-album that the American trailblazers acclaimed predecessor “Planetary Space Child” (2017) promised it to be.

Quoting the press release – The album title, “Fear Is a Cruel Master”, duly epitomizes the mood of the lockdown period in which it was written. Accustomed to working together as a group, singer Jillian Taylor, guitarist Johnny Scarps, drummer Owen Stewart, bassist Lake Muir, and organist Sean Hur were forced to spend more time apart than they normally would. “I read a lot during the pandemic, when I came across the phrase ‘fear is a cruel master’, Taylor explains. “At the time, you could see the fear and how it was holding people back. The title resonates with being in the music community, because it was shaky for everyone – from bands to booking agents to venues. Fear was in the air.”

Ultimately, the main theme of “Fear Is a Cruel Master” is self-reflection. Although these songs were forged in the crucible of world-stopping pestilence, they come with a timeless quality that transcends the moment of their creation.

Released on CD and LP, including gorgeous pink/black marbled and sun yellow variants by the mighty Magnetic Eye Records.

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