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We all know a live performance is the desire to have a visualization from album to stage. That “fuck me that was good” after hearing an album for the first time and the age old question we ask in our inner monologue, “I wonder if they can do it live?”. Luckily enough we all love a scene that is built from the ground up, cutting our teeth in rehearsals rooms and playing shows anywhere we can set up a P.A for a few hours without the cops shutting it down. Saying this, if you are unfamiliar with the scene or how to start at the bottom and work up, then that is a long write and another article entirely, one I’m excited to write but at this moment is all in my head. – So, after the initiation and taking those ‘rites of passage’ as such, taking a band from a rehearsal room to the live performance stage, which by the way is a huge task! But once comfortable and excited to do shows the circuit will open up squat gigs, parties, pub back rooms, your mate the promoter and the odd good sized venue giving the newer local bands a go – if this band has enough mates to sell tickets to of course. Hopefully a small fan base develops maintaining a constant live presence ( NOTE: I personally said YES to every show offered as a younger man, and its surprising how quickly and easy it is to become a veteran on the live circuit. I was a seasoned ‘vet’ myself after the first year, we probably played every weekend – I was at a young age, but older than most of my peers, I came to the band / guitar / girls / beer / weed thing learning when I was 18, but didn’t fuck about trying to learn guitar properly, I just started a band 3 months after I could play a chord, found a drummer of the same ability, a slightly more experienced bass player that had been in a band before and we started writing our own songs straight away (we were actually too terrible to do covers, but at least we were self aware!) then with self promo and connections there’s a good chance in this scene anyway, a label or a blog will want to work together. The baby step needed is to have a ‘backer’ – credibility unfortunately is everything no matter the scene – some of the greatest things I’ve ever heard came from people that don’t have an in, they don’t know a girl or a guy that isn’t trapped in their own ego or band or bubble enough to put the mp3 on you sent them, because they subconsciously are above you, because they know so-n-so – from -a-n-other-half-okay-band or write a blog and will never listen to what you send unless it was endorsed by another elitist entity! ANYWAY – haha – still here? Or decided to give up and flip burgers?! The struggle is real but but BUT……. to end that last quip – thus it doesn’t get heard. I guarantee the hardest thing to do or long for is actually just getting 10 people to listen to songs created by their friends, unbiased – ) anyway!!!… hope a promoter gets in touch with support locally to a top artist in town – with that opportunity opening up there’s no way less than 100% performance is to a new crowd, the opportunity to give it beans in front of a crowd that usually admire a band said local support also love, is one that is going to be taken wholeheartedly and with passion.

Here we have a list of bands that have for us, perfected their live performance no matter their approach, in all its raw, loud, fierce glory. For me growing up, a live show on video (VHS!, pre-internet) showed me discipline – in terms of known the place to get my inner beast out, play a character or just have a great laugh. This domain is the place to have the outside looking in at you and it’s totally up to the performer what they give, many times being a character completely the opposite of their real self, but the license to do this is like having multiple arts from different forms of entertainment all at the fingertips, to play music, act, portray and expose whatever and how ever they want. This list is ever growing, and if you’d like to suggest any performance, or put forward your own, then get in touch here and it will go up! Cheers PJB

Kyuss - Gardenia ( Live 1995 HQ )

Kyuss - Gardenia live at Bizarre Festival 95
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